Net Zero Policy in Cities

Cities currently account for more than 70% of greenhouse gases, and around 80% of global GDP. The global urban population is set to rise to nearly 70% by the year 2050. Cities are therefore, crucial sites in the transition for setting climate targets and delivering the ambitions. Empowering the local level through city-based global governance structures could facilitate achieving these targets.


Grappling with the problems and solutions to climate breakdown could cause anxiety among the public, particularly given the dramatic changes required in their lifestyle choices. Continuous interaction with the public at the local level by city administrative authorities is necessary for retaining consensus around climate targets and policies, and for mobilising resources to implement these initiatives. 

Various cities across the world have committed to net zero. Copenhagen has made a Net Zero commitment by 2025. Some coalitions include the C40 “Deadline 2020” Commitments and the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance.