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Net Zero Tech

Achieving Net Zero in the technology sector requires not only a reduction in the emissions generated from their operations, but the mobilization of their financial, technical, and social capital towards low-carbon initiatives and removal technology- without which a net zero future may not be possible. Similar to other industries, tech companies must locate and decarbonise their heavy-emitting business practices, such as data centers. However, with their powerful innovative capacity and influence over other sectors, tech companies are in a unique position to support tipping points for achieving net zero across society. 

Existing Efforts to achieve net zero in the Tech Sector:

The Step Up Coalition is an alliance of technology and financial actors dedicated to harnessing the transformational power of their industry to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future by 2050. In support of the Mission 2020 framework from the UNFCCC, this coalition encourages influential tech companies to take bold, collective action towards reducing emissions while also using innovation and digitalization to support greater economic and social prosperity globally.