National Net Zero Policy

At the latest UN climate conference (COP25), a “Climate Ambition Alliance” identified actors “working towards” net zero. This alliance is the broadest base of actors and includes 120 countries plus the EU, 400 cities, 800 businesses, and 15 states and regions. Very few of these countries have actual laws or nation-wide strategies aiming at net zero. ClimateHome and ECIU count about 20 countries with Net Zero targets. 


Different countries have different policy tools to make net zero plans. Net zero goals could be mentioned in their updated contributions to the Paris Agreement (NDC’s), set out as a long-term strategy, legislation, policy or as a political declaration. National policies are essential to enable other actors’ pledges to net zero. 


These four principles should be applied to design credible net zero plans:

  • There must be comprehensive accounting for all emissions of greenhouse gases

  • Continued effort on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

  • Permanent removals of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to offset any remaining emissions

  • A clear plan to achieve Net Zero by mid-century, with actions starting now.

We are helping inform the British Parliament's policies to achieving Net Zero through the work of its Net Zero All-Party Parliamentary Group.